Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Crafty Creation

I have spent the weekend experimenting with a new technique that I had seen on SCS some time ago but have just needed a free weekend to give it a go. These are candles that have been made using Stampin' Up! rubber stamps and watercolouring technique. I absolutely love the effect the watercoloured flowers give. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make them but if this is all too much for you to take in then keep your eye on this site as in 2009 I will be scheduling a class on how to do them. Cheers. Alison.

Stamped Candles

Materials needed;

Rubber Stamps
Tracing paper
Baking paper
Permanent dye ink like Staz On
Stampin' Write coloured markers
Heat gun

Stamp images onto tracing paper and set aside to dry. Do an extra of each image just in case you make a mistake as it does take some time for the images to dry and this will save time.
Once the images are dry colour them to your taste and then cut them all out as close to the image as you can. Lay them out on the candle to get a gauge for where they will go.
Cut a piece of baking paper to the height of the candle and twice the length of it so that it wraps around about twice.
Place the image onto the candle in position and then wrap the baking paper around it and the candle firmly. Use the excess baking paper as a grip to hold the candle with.
Turn the heat gun on for about 30secs to warm it up and then gently pass it over the candle where the image is for about 5-10secs depending on the candle. Each candle will differ on it's melting point but you should see a change in the image to indicate that it has set. It works by the heat melting the candle slightly and then the pressure of the wrapped baking paper pushes it into the melting wax. Be careful not to melt it too much as this will change the shape of the candle.
Allow thw candle to cool slightly then gently peel the baking paper off to reveal the image. Voila!!!! You did it.

Now go forth and create more candles. They are great gifts not to mention you can co-ordinate them to suit your own decor.

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Megan Klinkenberg said...

These are gorgeous. I think you have got the technique down pat. Can't say mine ever looked as good as this. Well done.